Life on Repeat


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CD/LP Release includes "Truth Seeker" & "Reality Check" Ep's

Genet Records


released April 11, 2014

Recorded & Mixed : Richard Staub
Mastered: Rogan Kelsey
Photography: Mike Bell
Layout/Design: Chris Staub, Ross Hallam



all rights reserved


CONQUEROR HC Johannesburg, South Africa

Hardcore from Johannesburg, South Africa

With very Spinal Tap beginnings. CQR solidified a line up in November 2012. With influences ranging from Cro-Mags to Infest, CQR plays fast, pissed off hardcore straight out of Hate City.

Ross - Vocals
Rich - Guitar
Pat - Bass
Chris - Drums
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Track Name: Life on Repeat
Write me off, I'm down and out
Bottled up, ain't that what life's about?
Try not to think about it
Shame and deceit
Track Name: Shift my Focus
This surge, towards a burning wreck i could never overcome
I bleed just to know i breath
These setting scars deny my fate
Suffer in an endless cycle
I don't want no part of this
Sacrifice to live, nothing more to give
A tortured world is all you know
Please, i see the way it is.
The slightest crack will break the stone

And like a spreading disease
The human curse plants its seed
From being trapped in the cold
Release my grip of this world, to shift my focus

My blood runs cold for the cruel and callous
Ignite their skylines to dust
Return the wolf to this world to feast upon the ashes

I fought for a life i despised
Only to throw it away, a path betrayed
I'll stay for the rest of my days
To sift through the ashes of the fallen
Track Name: Serpent Within
So it's come to this
I'm counting the days, I'm counting the time
Wake up to see the world's gone blind
Im on my own
A slave of no man
Beneath the surface a serpent i am
Evil, my one true life's worth
Breeding disaster, iv fucking unearthed
The devil within
To kill this disease
Mankind will suffer
Manking will bleed
Return to the dirt
Corroding the surface
Decay like the earth
Track Name: Cut the Chord
Time and again, iv proven to myself
That respect is given where respect is due
A cold hard world, i fucking counted on you

Back to back these bad decisions be
Pulling me under every fucking week
It's like the weight of the world is crushing my skull
Increase the pressure
Increase the pulse

Never wanted this to be
Another thorn in my side
A fucking gun in my check
I gotta cut the line
Bottom feeders fucking wasting my time

Backtrack the time
Erase the days
Time spent with you
Is time wasted away

Bottom feeder

No regrets, no turning back
Iv fucking made my choices
Gotta keep on track
Sometimes you gotta cut the chord
Weighed down too long
Reset. Restore

Backtrack the time
Erase the days
Time spent with you
Is time wasted away

Never wanted this to be
Another thorn in my side
A fucking gun in my cheek
I gotta cut the chord
And sever all ties
Bottom feeders fucking wasting my time
Track Name: World of Hate
Look at me , i got nothing to lose
Burnt everything to ashes
Facing the blind, deaf, stone alone
With sails set for the unknown, this ship is going to go under
And while it sinks ill have to watch the flames
Throw it all away im fucking done with this
Burning up asunder all your hopes and dreams
Theres no world beyond the ether
Only solace from this savage fucking human race
thats draining profit from the lives we waste

So show me the silver lining
There's no light in me, done up and faded away
I cant find the will to go on

Cause all i fucking see, is life on repeat
7 days a week, 9 to 5 i be
Stuck up and living in the world i face
I know theres nothing for me
All I give for just another fucking day to waste
All i know is a life of hate
Track Name: Misanthropic Till I Die
So sick, of fucking caring what you think
When people dont give shit
Approval's worth its weight in spit
Fuck this, take back your human constraint
Why waste a second on a breed that value status, wealth and greed

Misanthropic till i die
Stay away

Trapped in, this fucked up world that you got
No where to run, the walls are closing in
Fuck this sense of intimidation
Cold steel pressed against my skin

These eyes have seen the world deceived
I know the real common enemy, has me on a leash
I crave the thrill, of every kill
But every night it takes all my will, to pry the gun from my mouth
Track Name: Day In Day Out
What the fuck do you know about me?
I got a million fucking problems in this life i lead
I dont need you, standing in my way
Bury your problems, bury your shame

Give me time, your weight wont weigh me down
Live to work, i gotta work to live
Life on repeat. Theres gotta be more to this

Eat shit. Fuck you
Like i gave a shit in the first place
Day in day out, the weight of the world
Keeps eating at my soul

So what the fuck was i thinking
Sell me short just to get on by
Negative outlook, negative image
I portray myself in this state of mind
Power corrupts, money controls
Feed the system give your fucking soul
This life of servitude i lead
Strapped in. Bled out
Left dying in a world of fucking doubt

Now i see it so bright it blinds my eyes
The truth i seek is my demise
Track Name: Blood Surfer
Im living this shit
Stayed away from the road you built
Its done nothing for me, but take my fucking money
Stuck up your charity case, my middle finger in your face
Yea, fuck that shit. Burn the church i dont want no part of it

Surf rivers of blood in hell, i live for malice
Take me to the sinners realm, give me fucking madness
Your god only wants my papers
All i want is to fucking say this, suck a dick you greedy fascist

So much for the virgin's son, were all cursed
My work here is fucking done.
Track Name: LDMS
I gotta smoke a bowl before i go to work
Can't handle this corporate greed
Never wanted a job and now its all i do
I finish work and sniff some fucking glue

Whos got papers?
This shits laced with seven grams of salvia divinorum
I aint got no money so im out a limb

Uncertain of a purpose
Time is money, money's soulless
Curtain lifted, hell exposed
Its fucked up but now i know
Life dont mean shit.